Zhelya is a goddess who mourns the dead and helps them in the other world. Zhelya accompanies the funeral procession to the funeral pyre or burial place. Legends, as well as some
people, say that the voice, or rather the cry of Zhelya, can be heard among other voices crying for the deceased. If you listen, you can hear another cry, quieter, but still distinguishable and different from other voices. This means that Zhelya has come to mourn the loss of people and help the soul of the deceased person. Zhelya protects the burial ceremonies. It is present during the funeral ritual (or burning), meets the soul of the deceased in the other world and helps him choose the path he/she will follow after his earthly life.
Zhelya is also considered a messenger who can bring important news from the world of the dead, warn the living about the dangers that threaten them. Zhelya lives between two worlds and for souls who have left their physical bodies, she is a link.

The Lay of the Warfare Waged by Igor

«Oh, far has the falcon flown,

Driving the wild fowl before him Down to the sea!
And the valiant host of Igor Shall never rise again!

Then Karna and Zhelya
Raised their lament,
They swept through the Russian land, Scattering funeral fire
From a flaming horn.
The Russian women
Lamented, wailing:
‘Ow shall we never
‘See our dear lovers
‘In thoughts, nor in dreams,
‘Nor with our own eyes!
‘Neither silver, nor gold
‘Shall we wear again!»