Mokosh is the only female goddess of the East  Slavic pantheon. Her idol was located next to the idols of Perun and other deities on a hill in Kiev. In Northern Russian folklore, Mokosh was a woman with a big head and big hands who spun in a hut at night.. 

Mokosh patronized family well-being, the birth of children and all the typical female activities, especially spinning and weaving, which for many centuries were the main business of any woman. Mokosh was worshipped exclusively by women and they asked her to help them in their difficult domestic affairs. Friday day was dedicated to Mokosh– on this day, women did not spin or wash, so as not to offend their patroness. In many areas of Russia, this ban was maintained until the XX century. Mokosh was also in charge of the underground part of the world and water sources.

Myth: Forty bunches of flax for spinning
One girl was ordered by her mistress to work on Friday, although Mokosh – the goddess does not like it. She obeyed, of course. Mokosh came to her and, as a punishment, ordered her, on pain of death (and Death stood with her alive), to spin forty little balls and occupy forty spindles with them. Frightened to the point of fever, the girl, not knowing what to think or do, went to consult an experienced and intelligent old woman. She told her to put only one thread on each spindle. When Mokosh came back, she said to the girl: «Oh, you guessed it!» — and she got away with it, and the trouble passed by this time as well.