Mermaids are fantastic inhabitants of the waters and springs of the earth, especially non- flowing ones-lakes, ponds, quiet rivers. Like many other ghostly, water maidens, mermaids are the souls of the deceased, but more precisely — those who died from an unnatural death, suicides, and, of course, beauties who drowned themselves from unhappy love.

Pale-faced and beautiful, with long green hair, they sing delightful songs with unearthly voices and lure unwary fishermen and shipwrights to their homes. Among the mermaids there are older ones who scold the younger ones who have not managed to drag a single person into the water, laugh at them. Mermaid sing, lead merry dances.

Sometimes, the mermaid would regret the guy and won’t drown him, but then she is allowed only two hours in a day for a date with her beloved one, and all the while, her fate is to be evilly jealous to living people. It is especially hard for mermaids in love during the winter, when rivers and lakes freeze. People say: if you hear a strong crackling of ice, then it is a mermaid beating into it from the depths, grieving for a dear friend.

On a bright moonlit night, a guy was driving home from his brother’s neighbour village. Sud- denly the horse threw him and he lost his footing. A rider stoped and right in the middle of the road saw a girl in a shirt.

«Is she alive?» — the rider was afraid. He dismounted and leaned toward her — she was alive, but just sleeping. And what a beauty-you can’t take your eyes off! And her shirt is so thin as a moonlight.
The girl woke up, opened her eyes, but did not push the stranger away, hugged him, but as soon as his hands became bolder, and the kisses became excessively hot, suddenly she broke free, jumped up and ran away, leaving her shirt in the hands of the guy.

Seeing the wondrous naked body, he was completely distraught and rushed after her. He caught up with her on the steep bank of the lake and again grabbed her in his arms. The girl threw her arms around his neck, kissed him so that he almost fainted… and did not even notice how he fell with his beauty into the deep waves of the lake.

The unfortunate man did not know that he had met a mermaid. If they need a man to seduce, they turn into a village girl.

And since then, the guy had to stay to live at the bottom of the lake. His mistress had treated him cruelly — no longer kissed or favored him, but made him carve flax for the mermaid’s yarn, or play the pipe to dance with her greenish friends.