Lada — Slavic goddess of beauty, love and marriage, family happiness, patroness of widows and orphans. She symbolized the Slavs nature, life force, was the mother of the sun (light) and water, the goddess of harmony, fun, beauty and all well-being.
The meeting of spring began with the calling of the mother of the sun, the great Lada. People sang solemn hymns in honor of the sun, danced around the water, addressed the moon, stars, birds, and trees. They decorated the birch tree, which was a symbol of Lada, worshipped it, led round dances around it.
The goddess was depicted in the form of a pretty woman dressed in white robes.

The legend of Spring- Beauty

In winter, when the ground is covered with snow, and cracking frosts split the trees in the forest, the sun rarely appears in the sky. Its rays can not break through dense clouds, and if any ray of sunshine breaks through, there is no heat in it, there is no bright light. The sun can not overcome the winter cold, only for a short time it will disperse the darkness of the night, dimly illuminate the frozen nature in a long sleep, and again hide behind cold mists.

Throughout the winter, the beautiful goddess Lada, the patroness of love, marriage and wedding fun, languishes in the captivity of thick clouds and snow drifts. But as soon as spring comes, the thunderer Perun will break the walls of the dungeon with his mace, melt them. Arrows-lightning of snow, and cheerful streams will murmur, warm winds will blow, thunderstorms will thunder. At that time, washed by the spring waters, Lada appears on earth with generous gifts-rain and warm weather. It goes through the woods and meadows, and behind it buds appear on the trees, green grass breaks through. And where the first thunderbolt struck, tender primroses grow to open the bowels of the earth with their keys of flowers for the lush growth of grasses, bushes and trees. There is invisible Lada walking on the ground, decorating it with flowers.

When it is warm, boys and girls will start dancing around the village and singing songs. And here Lada will mark with her invisible hand who is destined to love each other, who will soon get along with a friendly family. Lada is happy for people, people are happy – Spring- Beauty has come!