Goddess of female fertility. She was worshipped by all infertile women, especially pregnant women. Didiliya patronized a successful birth and rearing of infants.
The statue of this goddess was a young, beautiful, blooming woman, crowned with precious stones. One of her fists was clenched, which signified the difficulty of childbirth, and the other was unclenched: this meant a successful resolution. She was portrayed in different ways. She could be depicted as a young woman wrapped in a cloak, but with bare hands, in which she held a torch (a torch is a symbol of the beginning of a new life). Or she was also depicted as a pregnant woman with flowers and a wreath.

The most famous church of Didylia was in Kiev. The goddess was sacrificed with flowers, fruits and newborn lambs, calves, piglets, and they were never killed, and some time later by the will of Didilia those gifts were given to the poor.