Katerina Kouzmitcheva

Women artists play a vital role in our community and yet their stories are frequently hidden, lost or dismissed. Artistic creativity has historically been considered a masculine attribute. In todays times according to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, 51 per cent of visual artists are women. When it comes to exhibitions and gallery representation, the numbers tell a far less optimistic story. Just 11% of all acquisitions at prominent American museums, for example, over the past decade were of work by women artists.

Being a female visual artist myself , I wondered not only about the position of a woman artist in todays world but also about the way to become an artist. How do women experience the formation of creativity? What are the troubles, dreams?
The intimate experience and daily life of women artists are the key to my visual investigation. I ask women - artists, photographers , to send me one made by them picture that illustrates their experience or feelings of establishment as an artist.
This visual collective social experience along with the stories behind those images, is presented on this website. The aim is to raise awareness of the problem and become a handy support for all the women artists.

To navigate through this work begin by clicking on a particular view in the sequence of photographs above.

Credits to:
Aga Paulina Mlynczak, Poland/UK
Alexandra Chirkova, Russia
Alexandra Svirelina, Belarus
Alyson Aliano, USA
Aimilia Balaska, South Africa/Greece
Anna Grevenitis, USA
Anuja Dasgupta, India
Bérangère Fromont, France
Carol Sharp, UK
Catherine Lewis, UK
Chiara Wettmann, Germany
Edith Heidmann, Australia/Berlin
Ekaterina Yanova, Russia
Francesca Cirilli, Italy
Glorija Lizde, Croatia
Hannah Goldstein, Germany 
Julia Stanish, Russia/USA
Julie Pinington Wright, UK
Julia Stanish, Russia/USA
Kate Ignashevich, Belarus
Katya Alagich, Russia
Keeley Bentley, UK
Kristen Joy Emack, USA
Krystyna Dul, Poland/Luxembourg
Kumiko Matsushima, Japan
Leticia Zica, Brazil/France
Margarita Novikova, Belarus
Marijke Appelman, The Netherlands
Marina Tokareva, Russia
Michaela Nagyidaiova, Slovakia/UK
Michelle Chan, Hong Kong
Nadia Huggins, Trinidad/Grenadines
Nika Druzhnaya, Russia
Nicoleta Puiu , Moldova/Czech Republic
Noam Friedman, Israil/UK
Nompumelelo Ncube, based in UK


Olga Lipnitskaya, Belarus
Philippine Aubertin, France/Switzerland
Sandrine Lehagre, France
Shweta Malhotra , India
Sonya Razumovskaya, Russia
Stephanie Boyer, Costa RicaSvetlana Tarasova, Russia
Susana Gonzalez Revilla, Panama
Tamara Arranz, Spain
Tania Rubiños, Mexico
Tijen Erol, Cyprus
Tyler Bishop Harris, UK
Valérie Catalá Pilato, Spain
Valerie Schmidt, Germany
Vladyslava Olkhovska, Switzerland 
Yulia Michailovskaya, Belarus
Zainab Najeeb, Pakistan